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Versatile and affordable, HP’s advanced inkjet technology powers a wide range of industrial and commercial printing applications—from simple text documents to vivid, complex graphics on all types and sizes of media. HP Thermal Inkjet Technology (TIJ) drives the performance of HP print cartridges, from the printhead technology to the Original HP ink formulations. The result is high-resolution printing (up to 600 dpi) for sharp text, crisp barcodes, and vivid color graphics.

Whether your goal is to create eye-catching direct mail or high-resolution barcodes, text or graphics, HP’s wide variety of ink supplies—including monochrome and color, pigment- and dye-based, and standard and fast drying inks in a wide range of form factors—offers the right solution for your business.

HP invented thermal inkjet printing. For more than 25 years, HP engineers have studied ink and media interaction and applied their knowledge to create a line of high-performance inks customized to a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. By choosing Original HP industrial inks, you get the power of one of the strongest ink development programs in the world and the quality and reliability of HP supplies.

TIJ 2.5 at a glance
• Up to 600 dpi resolution
• 300 nozzles
• Print width of 0.5 inch
• Speeds up to 400 feet per minute

Pigment-based inks

• Large, solid-color pigment particles suspended in liquid by a dispersant
• Provide excellent fade resistance and water resistance

Dye-based inks
• Small color molecules dissolved in a liquid
• Deliver a bright, wide color gamut


High performance
Maintain high quality and high productivity with high-performance Original HP inks. HP’s spectrum of TIJ 2.5 inks supports a wide variety of applications and substrates. Each ink accentuates certain performance characteristics such as substrate coverage, fast drying time, or long decap time.

Consistent and reliable
Every Original HP inkjet print cartridge must meet strict quality standards. All HP inks are subject to a battery of tests to prevent problems that may degrade image quality such as microscopic contaminants that can clog printhead nozzles. Count on consistent printing performance and reliable results.

Cost effective

Save time, improve productivity, and lower operating costs. Self contained, customer-replaceable Original HP print cartridges nearly eliminate time-consuming and routine maintenance, enable a quick change from black to color printing, and deliver a fresh printhead with each cartridge replacement. Proven HP Thermal Inkjet Technology enables
low-cost, efficient ink usage.

TIJ 2.5 Industrial Ink Selection Guide


CQ849A Ink Cartridge
Excellent media versatility as well as durability, decap, and print quality performance in this genuine HP ink.
45A 10-pack
Ten 45A print cartridges, individually packaged in plain white cardboard, collectively packaged in a single HP branded master carton.

HP Q2344A
HP’s new 1918 Dye-based Black print cartridge is designed specifically to support intermittent industrial printing on a wide variety of substrates: coated and uncoated papers, labels and specialty media.
HP Q2353A,
Q2354A Blue 2242

The HP Q2353A and Q2354A Blue 2242 Pigment print cartridges achieve consistent, high-quality, cost-effective results for mail printing, and meet key postal authority requirements for both color and durability.

HP C6119A
HP’s Bulk Black Ink Supply brings convenience and high-quality printing to industrial markets that need a high-volume ink delivery system.
HP C6120A
UV Fluorescent Red print cartridge, ideal for metering and franking applications that require high-security, postal authority approved red ink.

HP C6128A
Non-Fluorescent Red print cartridge for applications that require more water-resistance and higher output on a variety of porous media, including those made from recycled fibers.
HP C6168A, C6169A, C6170A, C6173A
Spot color print cartridges in red, green, blue and yellow for industrial printing applications that require spot colors to enhance their operations.

HP C6195A
Fast Dry Black boasts a drytime of less than one second on porous media.
HP C8842A
Versatile Black print cartridge achieves high-speed printing, yet maintains superior print quality and dry time requirements on porous and coated media.

HP Black 4500 Pigment Bulk Ink System
Designed to meet the needs of high-volume commercial applications, this bulk ink system offers design versatility and superior print quality with minimal intervention on a variety of porous substrates.
HP Bulk Ink Delivery System
This flexible bulk ink delivery system provides advanced features to meet the needs of high-volume print applications where superior print quality on a variety of both coated and uncoated media, low cost per copy and minimal user intervention are required.

HP Bulk Inks
Designed to work with HP’s flexible Bulk Ink Delivery System to provide superior print quality using proven technology to meet the needs of high-volume commercial printing applications.

Developers and Manufacturer of Industrial Printing Solutions HP and Xaar Heads :: No.1 in THAILAND

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